Laurie Ann Winterbarger was a young girl who lived in Derry, Maine. She was one of It’s many victims.


Laurie Ann Winterbarger is mentioned in the second interlude. Mike Hanlon wrote that her parents were in the middle of an ugly divorce and custody battle. Laurie Ann went missing in 1985, attracting the attention of the police. It is almost certain that Laurie Ann was killed by It.

It (1990)

Laurie Ann Winterbarger appears at the start of the 1990 miniseries riding her tricycle home, singing to herself, just as a storm is about to begin. Her mother asks her to come inside just as she brings in clothes from the washing line. Laurie Ann proceeds to walk inside but it is distracted by it. Upon picking it up, she hears laughter from the clothes line. Pennywise reveals himself under a sheet and charmingly says hi, making Laurie Ann smile. Pennywise then frowns and rushes up to Laurie Ann, killing her. Her mother finds her body a minute later.

It: Chapter Two

Laurie Ann Winterbarger does not appear in It: Chapter Two but it is likely that the character Victoria Fuller is the movie counterpart of Laurie Ann.

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