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Larry Underwood (Adam Storke) in The Stand.

Larry Underwood
is a main character in Stephen King's the stand, he is a washed-up musician from Stephen King's The Stand who joins Mother Abagail.

The Stand

Underwood wrote and performed a well-known single called, "Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?". He suffers from low self-esteem and does not believe that he is capable of good. He is one of the survivors of the superflu known as Captain Trips.

Larry tries to redeem himself by visiting his mother in New York, which means leaving his beach house in California, after some time spent in new york more and more people start to catch the superflu (and consequently die because of it), including Larry's mother. After the death of his mother at the hands of the superflu, Larry was called to Mother Abagail in Hemingford Home, Nebraska. He escaped New York City with Rita Blakemoor, a woman with crushing anxiety and prescription drug addiction. Rita eventually overdoses on pills and chokes to death during her sleep. After travelling for a while by himself he feels as though he is a "new man" or at least he feels that he should try to be. After more travelling he begins to be stalked by Nadine Cross(a troubled soul) and Leo Rockway (a young boy who's family died due to the superflu, and was taken into care by Nadine) - Leo's past traumatised him and left him an a temporary violent and Neanderthal-like state, a state which he was still like during the stalking of Larry. After a while Larry starts to suspect that he is being followed, and once he reaches Maine, is attacked by Leo (who is barring a knife), Larry manages to disarm Leo and is urged by the the worrisome Nadine not to harm him - which he was not intending to. Larry teams up with Nadine and Leo. Along Larry's journey he is successful in gaining the trust and love of Leo (whose real name turns out to be Joe), which Larry originally wanted to impress Nadine, but later feels genuine love for the boy, who slowly returns back to the way he was before the superflu - Leo even starts to talk again, instead of making animal-like grunts. After some more travelling a distressed woman by the name of Lucy Swann spots the threesome and joins them. Once Larry and his group reach the Stovington base, which he knew how to reach due to directions left by Harold Lauder and Fran Goldsmith on a barn, which were left for all survivors and passersby, they follow further directions to Nebraska, ultimately leading to Boulder. Larry's group, which consisted of less than 20 people joined the survivors at Boulder that consisted of

Larry follows the directions of Harold Lauder

Larry becomes a part of the Boulder Free Zone Committee despite his self-doubts. He is one of the few called to go to Las Vegas, Nevada to stand against Randall Flagg. He is killed in the thermonuclear bomb explosion, sacrificing himself so that the good can prevail in the battle.

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