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Kingdom Hospital was a television series that ran on ABC from 3 March to 15 July 2004.

The series was based on the Danish show The Kingdom by Lars von Trier.


The story tells of the fictional Kingdom Hospital located in Lewiston, Maine built on the site of a mill that manufactured military uniforms during the American Civil War. Previously, a hospital known as the "Old Kingdom" had been built on the site, but it burned down. The current hospital is known as the "New Kingdom". The hospital's "turbulent" nature seems to reflect its ominous logo, a crimson stylized dagger, predicting what will come.

A psychic named Mrs. Druse has checked into the hospital numerous times and is taken by the staff to be a hypochondriac. She asks for the assistance of the cynical yet compassionate Dr. Hook to uncover the truth about the hospital and the mysterious spirits who haunt it — including a young girl, killed after the original fire; a sinister teenage boy; and a strange animal that follows and protects the young girl she calls Antubis, who is similar to a giant anteater, whose long snout opens up to a horrifying set of jagged teeth.

Elsewhere, Peter Rickman, a painter who is admitted to the hospital following a road accident (with severe injuries to his skull and spine) begins to discover the ghastly goings-on while he lies comatose in room 426.

Other subplots included the initiation of arrogant chief of surgery Dr. Stegman into the secret society known as the 'Keepers', and the challenged-at-every-turn flirtation between young Dr. Elmer Traff and sleep doctor Lona Massingale.


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Episode Guide

Ep Title Writer Director Airdate
1 "Thy Kingdom Come" Stephen King Craig R. Baxley 03/03/04
2 "Death's Kingdom" Stephen King Craig R. Baxley 03/10/04
3 "Goodbye Kiss" Stephen King Craig R. Baxley 03/17/04
4 "The West Side of Midnight" Stephen King Craig R. Baxley 03/24/04
5 "Hook's Kingdom" Stephen King &
Richard Dooling
Craig R. Baxley 03/31/04
6 "The Young and the Headless" Richard Dooling Craig R. Baxley 04/08/04
7 "Black Noise" Richard Dooling Craig R. Baxley 04/15/04
8 "Heartless" Richard Dooling Craig R. Baxley 04/22/04
9 "Butterfingers" Stephen King Craig R. Baxley 04/29/04
10 "The Passion of Reverend Jimmy" Stephen King &
Tabitha King
Craig R. Baxley 06/24/04
11 "Seizure Day" Richard Dooling Craig R. Baxley 07/01/04
12 "Shoulda Stood in Bed" Stephen King Craig R. Baxley 07/08/04
13 "Finale" Stephen King Craig R. Baxley 07/15/04