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Julia Shumway is the widow of Peter Shumway, and the owner, editor, and reporter for the Chester's Mill The Independent.

She worked as a journalist in Chicago for a time, but ruined her reputation when she reported on bribery allegations against a mayoral candidate that turned out to be fabricated. After losing her job, she and her husband moved back to her husband's hometown of Chester's Mill. After the Dome came down on Chester's Mill; her husband disappeared(later known to be killed by Dale Barbara). Julia eventually falls for Dale Barbara before she finds out the secret he is hiding. Although she is mad and disappointed, she does not break up with him. Later in the first season, Julia is shot by Maxine Seagrave, who Barbie works for, out of jealousy. She is rushed to the clinic by Joe and Barbie where she is saved by Barbie(for the second time). It is later reviled that Julia is the Monarch. Before the end of the season finale, Julia is seen on a boat on Bird Lake, dropping the egg in the water.


Julia shares her surname with the alien life form Gordon Shumway.


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