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Jud Crandall was one of the characters in the 1983 Novel, Pet Sematary, the 1989 film adaptation and the 2019 film remake.


Jud Crandall was a lifelong resident of Ludlow, Maine, who passed his twilight years watching semi-trucks barrel down the highway in front of his house. His quiet life became a little more active when a new family, the Creeds, moved in across the road. After he befriended Doctor Louis Creed, Jud took the family into his confidence and revealed that the seemingly-tranquil Maine landscape held a dark and deadly secret– an ancient burial ground that had the power to reverse death itself.

He was later killed by a reanimated Gage Creed when Gage slit his mouth and bit his throat.

In the 2019 Remake, a reanimated Ellie Creed stabbed Jud to death off camera.

Jud's bloody corpse in the 1989 Film.

Jud Crandall in the 2019 Remake.

Jud's death in the 2019 Remake.


Jud Crandall was the wise old man neighbor that anyone would have been happy to know. He lived a long life and saw a lot of everything– but nothing prepared him for the occult horror that brewed in the house across the road.


  • Jud is the one who first used the belief that "sometimes, dead is better".