John Hargensen is the father of Chris Hargensen, and a character in Carrie.


He tries to make sure that Chris Hargensen goes to the Prom. However, he fails, because of Chris' actions and because of Mr. Grayle's determination to make her pay for her role in Carrie's humiliation and for everything she has done during her presence in the school.

Carrie (1976 film)

He does not appear in this version.

Carrie (2002 film)

In this version he is played by Michael Kopsa. Like in the novel, he fails in his quest to revoke the ban to attend the Prom against Chris. This time, however, it is Mr. Morton who ensures it.  

Carrie (2013 film)

In this version he is portrayed by Hart Bochner. Like in the novel, he fails to revoke the ban on Chris to attend the Prom. However, this time it is done, by indirectly exposing her as the one who made the video about the humiliation of Carrie and in this version he is also more critical regarding the behaviour of her daughter.

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