John Garrett is played by Terence Knox in Children of the Corn II.  He is the protagonist of the film.

John Garrett is a reporter of the World Inquirer, that is in the town of Hemingford working on a story regarding the horrible events that happened in Gaitlin, the neighbouring town, and which have now become public knowledge. He also has a difficult relation with his son Danny, who lives with him.

He uncovers together with a man called Red Bear corrupt actions of the town regarding the corn, which contributed to the children´s madness in Gaitlin. He discovers that the town was selling for years spoiled corn from every last season by mixing it with the new one. For this discovery the sherriff tries to murder them both, but fails.

He also stops the children´s madness with the help of his son. Later John and Danny reconcile and leave the town together with others.

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