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John Farson (also known as The Good Man) was originally a harrier and stage-robber who began to gain a political following in the lands of either Garlan or Desoy while Roland Deschain was still a boy. His sigul was the eye of the Crimson King. He was a tall man and "broad at the brisket".

Farson promised his supporters a fair and democratic society as opposed to the Feudalist-style Affiliation. He even had a John F. Kennedy-like slogan, "Ask not what the Good Man can do for you, but what you can do for him." Due to his allegiance to the Crimson King and his methods of subversion, treason, and mass murder, it is highly unlikely that he ever entertained any notion of installing a society that was even remotely democratic or fair


Although Farson's name features large in Wizard and Glass, he does not actually appear in any of the seven 'Dark Tower' volumes and is only referred to by other characters.

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