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Joseph "Scarecrow Joe" McClatchey (b. 1999) – also known as "King of the Geeks" and "Skeletor" – is the son of Claire and Sam McClatchey, and lives at 19 Mill Road in Chester's Mill, Maine. He is ostensibly the author of the blog "Scarecrow Joe's Rants & Raves."

A self-professed fan of writer Stephen King, he has read The Shining, The Dead Zone, Bag of Bones, and Cell, as well as buying Carrie and The Talisman from Mill New & Used Books. He has also read Lord of the Flies and The Lord of the Rings, as well Hardy boys novels. He is a fan of Lost and Fringe, and the writings of Brian K. Vaughan.

He is friends with Benny Drake and Norrie Calvert and a member of The Razors, a student at Chester's Mill Middle School, and is adept with computers. He stands six-foot-two-inches tall and weighs 150 pounds, and carries a backpack bearing a stick that reads "FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE." He is a straight-A student, and plays basketball and soccer for his middle school teams.

In the early morning of 22 October 2012, the day after Dome Day, McClatchey launched an Internet campaign against the government, which he surmised was the common denominator of blogger theories pertaining to the appearance of the Dome. Later in the day, he organized a massive protest at the Dome near Alden Dinsmore's farm, which was held in conjunction with Lester Coggins' prayer-group.

On the 24th, he, Calvert, and Drake used a Geiger counter to locate a transmitter tower on Black Ridge that appeared to be generating the Dome around Chester's Mill.


In the 2013 miniseries, Colin Ford played a character named Joe McAlister, who was based on McClatchey.