Job is played by Robby Kiger in the movie Children of the Corn.

Job is the sister of Sarah. He has to witness his father´s death the day all the adults in Gatlin, Nebraska were slaughtered while he was at a diner on Sunday after church. He and Sarah belong to the few children who have not joined the cult. When Burt Stanton and Vicky Baxter come to Gatlin, he and Sarah are the last ones left, tolerated by Isaac Chroner because of the psychic abilities of Sarah. Together, they help Burt and Vicky save their lives and defeat the death cult.

After the victory, he and Sarah leave the town together with Burt and Vicky and later report to the authorities, what happened at Gatlin, in which his report is the most important one because of what he had to witness from the beginning. It is implied he and Sarah will be adopted by Burt and Vicky after that.

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