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Jimmy Cullum was a minor character in the horror novel, It. He was among one of the many children (along with George Denbrough, Eddie Corcoran, Betty Ripsom, Veronica Grogan, Patrick Hockstetter and Matthew Clements) who died and perished at the hands of the demonic being IT, during the late 50’s. Cullum was killed by the supernatural entity sometime during the summer of 1958. His mangled corpse was discovered in mid-July down at one of the afforested barren’s main rivers. Large, abnormal bird-like dents were found scattered across his mutilated face (further reinforcing the notion that he was irrefutably murdered by IT).

Shortly following his death, Chief Aloysius Nell (one of Derry’s main patrol officers) grimly warns Richie Tozier (as well as the rest of the Loser's Club) to stay well away from the isolated Barrens.

He was IT’s seventh victim during that year (after Betty Ripsom, Cheryl Lamonica, Matthew Clements, Chad Lowe, Veronica Grogan, and Edward Corcoran). He was also conveniently the final victim that year before the following deaths of every one of Henry Bowers' friends.

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