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This article pertains to the character as he appears in print. You may be looking for his small-screen counterpart.

James P. "Junior" Rennie, Jr. (d. 26 Oct, Year of the Dome) is the son of Jim Rennie, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. He is friends with Frank DeLesseps, Melvin Searles, and Carter Thibodeau.

He suffers intense migraines, for which he was prescribed Imitrex by Dr. Haskell; the headaches are, however, a result of a brain tumor that Haskell failed to diagnose. The migraines are partially responsible for his propensity for violence.

On 20 October in the Year of the Dome, he and his friends beat up Dale Barbara in the parking lot of Dipper's Roadhouse, leading to Barbara's attempted exodus from Chester's Mill. The next day, he visited Angie McCain at her parents' house, slapping her and throwing her against a table so hard that she had a seizure. Rennie responded by strangling her in the kitchen, then fleeing the residence. He returned home and slept until after nine o'clock, then took cash from his father's office safe with the intention of going on the run.

He returned to the McCain residence to clean up the scene, in the midst of which Dodee Sanders arrived at the house; Rennie then killed Sanders as well. After storing both bodies in the kitchen pantry, he returned home again and waited for his father to return, prepared to shoot and kill his father and himself should his father show any suspicion, but his father instead offered Junior, as well as DeLesseps, Searles, and Thibodeau, temporary jobs as police officers.

The four of them, along with Georgia Roux, were sworn in the next morning as Special Deputies, and worked security at the joint protest/prayer-group held in the field of Dinsmore's farm that afternoon. After finishing his shift that day, he turned down overtime to return to the McCain house, where he molested the corpses of Angie McCain and Dodee Sanders. In the early hours of the next morning, he returned home to find his father beating Lester Coggins, and stepped in to strangle Coggins; he then wrapped the body and took it to the McCain residence, stowing it with the bodies of Dodee and Angie.

Later that day, he met with his father and Andy Sanders at Town Hall, and was given the key to Barbara's apartment by Sanders. He then searched the apartment, finding Barbara's dog-tags, which he took in the interest of framing Barbara for the murders of Coggins, Angie, and Dodee. He returned to his father's house and delivered the dog-tags, surprising his father with the news that there were more bodies than just Coggins'.

When his father then murdered the late Duke Perkins' wife, Brenda Perkins, he plans to frame Barbie for her death too. He and other officers rushed toward the hospital where Barbie was. He then takes him to jail. While he is in his jail cell, Junior asks what he did in Iraq. They talk for a while then Junior leaves. When his father learnes that Barbie might have people helping him in the newspaper business, he sends Junior and Carter Thibodeau to set the newspaper building on fire. After that, he goes back to the corpses of Dodee Sanders and Angie McCaine to molest them. Freddy Denton finds Junior sitting on the front steps of the residence and attempts to put him in his police car. Junior refuses at first, then gave up. Junior was acting weird and keeps mangling words. He even told Denton "I want to gow back to my goolfriends". Denton takes him to the hospital, where his father rarely visits him since he is very busy.

He then grows so angry about his migraine, blaming Dale Barbara's cooking and believing he poisoned him. Now he wants to kill him. Junior escapes from the hospital and waits until the meeting starts, knowing everyone will be there and knowing there is only a few people at the police station. So when it starts, Junior enters the police station, killing the four deputies, including officer Stacey Moggin. Junior then goes downstairs to kill Barbie in his cell.

Meanwhile he did not know that people were planning to rescue Barbie. Romeo Burpee and Jackie Wettington enter the police station.

Junior goes to Barbie's cell and attemps to shoot Barbie at least six times with his pistol, but missed each time. When he was about to go in the cell and kill Barbie himself Jackie Wettington heard the gunshots and ran downstairs. She saw Junior opening the cell and shoots him twice with her gun: once in the lung and once in the heart.[1]

Junior is seen when his father Big Jim Rennie had visions of all the people that have died in Chesters Mill. He says to his father, "They took me away daddy, they took me away from my goolfwiends".


In the 2013 television series, Rennie is played by Alexander Koch.



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