Jim Dooley is a main character in Stephen King's story, Lisey's Story. In the 2021 Apple TV+ miniseries, he is portrayed by Dane DeHaan.


Lisey's Story (2021 Miniseries)

Jim Dooley receives a call from Professor Dashmiel, who requests that Jim help him get Scott Landon’s unpublished manuscripts from his widow, Lisey Landon. Jim agrees, remarking how Scott Landon’s book changed him and that he will get the papers he wants because “no one will ever say no to me”.

In a library, Jim sits reading Scott’s favorite book as a child. When the librarian asks him to leave because she wanted to close the library, he strongly insists that she put up Scott’s book with a plaque to inspire future generations.

Jim calls Lisey from a pay phone. Jim tells him that Professor Dashmiel knows more about Scott Landon than everyone on earth and Lisey contradicts him. Jim tells Lisey that she’s going to give the “Prof” what he wants or else he will hurt her. She hangs up on him.

Jim is on the run, having disconnected his phone and email, and the police are trying to track him down after he left a threatening letter and dead bird at Lisey’s house. Jim manages to evade the police and even distract them by burning down a barn. He enters Lisey’s house when the police officer checks on the fire and he finds Scott’s unpublished manuscripts.

Jim hides in Lisey’s house and attacks her when she gets back in. He ties her up, beats her up, and threatens to do worse to her and her sisters unless she gives Dashmiel the unpublished manuscripts. Jim leaves Lisey, cut up on the floor, and goes to hide out at Amanda’s empty house.


"Professor Dashmiel knows more about Scott Landon than anyone else on earth."
―Jim Dooley in the Lisey’s Story 2021 Miniseries


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