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Jim Dandy is the fourth episode of the Apple TV+ adaptation of Lisey's Story. It aired on June 18, 2021.


After a terrifying experience, Lisey opens up the gates of her memory to find answers in Scott’s world of Boo’ya Moon.


Lisey listens to Jim’s threatening voice message on the machine. She mutters “f*ck you Jimmy” to the machine and Jim walks up behind her and says “now missus, that isn’t a bit nice”. He puts a plastic bag over her head and suffocates her until she passes out. He plays music and Lisey slowly wakes up, with her hands tied behind her back, to Jim throwing a yo-yo in front of her.

Jim gives her a drink because she’s thirsty and they talk about Scott and which one of his books is Jim’s favorite. Jim tells Lisey that it’s a shame she’s holding on to what the world would like to see, in reference to Scott’s unpublished manuscripts. Lisey gets up and Jim knocks her down again. He asks her where the “secret” stuff is and beats her up when she doesn’t give him the answer she wants.

Jim puts on a record and calmly sits down to eat in front of Lisey, who is on the floor and covered in blood. She tells him there is a sequel to ‘’Relics’’ but Jim calls her a liar. He tells her that if the Prof doesn’t hear from Lisey by 10 tomorrow that he will be very angry. He slices her with a pizza cutter and leaves as she screams.

Jim drives to Amanda’s empty house and helps himself to some food from the fridge.

In Boo'ya Moon, Amanda says “Lisey, no!” Scott, also in Boo’ya Moon, whispers “Lisey”.

Back at her house, Lisey groans and gets up to read a note Jim left for her. In the note, he threatens to kill her and her sisters if she tells anyone that he was at the house. She looks at her wounds in the mirror. Lisey recalls the rest of what happened under the Yum-Yum tree and how Scott took her to Boo’ya Moon. Officer Dan calls her to check in and asks if she’s okay - she lies and tells him that she’s just tired.

Darla goes to Amanda’s house to get some of her things, including her gun and taser. Jim hides in the bathroom while she’s there. She leaves without seeing Jim.

Lisey washes her wounds with the water from the pool. She asks Scott out loud what she’s supposed to do about Jim and Amanda. She hears “Babyluv” and sees Scott, in what seems to be a vision, in addition to a singing band under the tree outside her house. She jolts awake and whispers ”I loved you, I saved you, I gave you ice.”

In a flashback, Lisey goes to Amanda’s house to tell her that there is something wrong with Scott. She asks Amanda if he said anything to her. She says no but that he has seemed off since before Thanksgiving. She goes home and finds Scott, seemingly out of it and acting completely non responsive. Lisey tells him to talk to her because he’s scaring her.

In another flashback, Lisey asks more about Scott’s brother and father. He told her more about the blood bools and she asks how Paul healed. Scott told her, “there’s a place”, referring to Boo’ya Moon. Scott told her he took Paul there when he was dead and that he buried him on Sweetheart Hill. Finally, Lisey asks if the place they went together (Sweetheart Hill in Boo’ya Moon) was real or if it was her imagination. He tells her he can take her there again.

In the same flashback, Scott and Lisey go back to Boo’ya Moon to explore. He tells her there are people here but that they are “broken”. They see a monster walking towards them so he tells Lisey to think of something to go back home. She asks him what the monster was and he tells her “the Long Boy”. Scott tells Lisey he hears the Long Boy often but that Lisey is his anchor in the real world.

In a different flashback, Scott and Paul go to Boo’ya Moon. Paul walks towards the Long Boy and Scott screams to him to come back. Paul gets hurt by the monster and they run together to the healing pool. Paul’s wounds went away but after that day they were “marked” by the Long Boy forever after that.

Back in the flashback where Scott was acting non responsive, Lisey screams at his body to help her help him. She turns on the faucet and lets the water run.

In present, Lisey has a knowing look as she starts to connect some dots.





"Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one."
―Jim Dooley to Lisey