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Jessica Upshaw is a minor character in Carrie. She is a student at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine.


In the novel, Jessica is a member of The Mortimer Snerds.

She bullies Carrie White by throwing tampons at her when she received her first period in the shower and she presumably attended the prom and was electrocuted along with the rest of the students and by Carrie White who killed them.

1976 Film

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Jessica Upshaw is remade Julia McDermitt in the 1976 film and she is portrayed by Sydne Jane Michel.

Julia McDermitt has long blonde hair and is a member of The Mortimer Snerds. She was present during the shower incident and also at Miss Collins's detention. She is also shown going to the gym as Miss Collins tell the girls to practice drills. At the Prom, she was wearing a green dress. When Sue Snell sneaks into the Prom she is seen hugging her date. When Tommy Ross and Carrie White win Prom King and Queen she is seen screaming and clapping with joy for them. In Carrie's rage, Julia is seen trying to escape while Norma Watson gets sprayed to death with the fire hose. Julia also bumps into Miss Collins and the others before dying.

She dies either being trampled or burned to death.


  • Originally, when Carrie leaves the burning stage Julia and her date were meant to be seen running away from the flames, but they were replaced by another couple.

2002 T.V. Film

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Jessica appears in the TV series Carrie 2002. She is first seen throwing tampons and chanting "period!" along with the other Ultras members. She attended the prom with The Thibodeau Twins and Rachel Spies.  When Carrie had the blood dumped on her Jessica is shocked to see the blood but ends up laughing at Carrie. She presumably was electrocuted.

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