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Diane “Jackie” Torrance is a morbid and death-obsessed woman who is the self-appointed historian of Castle Rock, Maine. Jackie is Molly Strand's assistant and aspires to be a writer while also running Sweet Chariot Taxis. She longs for the days when Castle Rock had a mystery around every corner and more scary goings-on. Her uncle is Jack Torrance. After Jack tried to murder his family at the Overlook Hotel, his family did not speak of him. In an act of rebellion against her parents, Diane took the name "Jackie" to honor his memory. Jackie is also the cousin of Danny Torrance.


Jackie is the owner of the Sweet Chariot Taxi company. She is also a member of the local church congregation in Castle Rock, and volunteers to help Reverend Appleton in his "Prayer Partner" initiative to outreach to the local prisoners at Shawshank State Prison. While at the church, she first spots Henry Deaver. Later, she approaches him in The Mellow Tiger bar and starts talking to him. Jackie tells him about what happened to Nan's Luncheonette, then asks to see his feet, since she heard he lost three toes to frostbite when he went missing. Henry understandably does not want to talk about his experience. Jackie tells him that local children used to dress up as him for Halloween, but the practice was ended when pictures on Instagram showed children in blackface. Henry ends the conversation and leaves the bar.[1]

Jackie is friends with Molly Strand, and helps her to transport a diorama of a regenerated downtown Castle Rock to the local television station for an appearance on the show "Local Color." Jackie and Molly later go to Molly's home and find it ransacked.[2]

After the Kid is released from Shawshank State Prison, Jackie encounters him staying in a spare room above Molly's office. She takes him out in her car and confides in him while getting high.[3]

When Warden Dale Lacy's home is sold to out-of-towners and converted in a bed and breakfast, Jackie heads over to talk to the owners about a business partnership where she recommends their business to her fares. In return, they would recommend Sweet Chariot Taxi to their clientele. Jackie is fascinated with the B&B as the new couple – Gordon & Lilith – have turned it into a murder-themed experience. Jackie admits she had a similar idea to turn the whle town into that kind of experience. The couple, however, act very suspiciously and usher her out quickly. Outside, Jackie notices several full trash bags in the trunk of their car, and a bloodstained object on the floor.[4]

Jackie returned to the house later to check things out, since the couple's behavior had disturbed her. When she arrived, she found Gordon trying to kill Henry Deaver outside the house. Jackie used an axe to kill Gordon and save Henry. After, as they recovered surrounded by police and EMTs, Jackie told Henry that she did not feel like herself when she struck the fatal blow.[4]

A year later, Jackie was writing a book about her experience killing Gordon, called "Overlooked." Talking to Dean Merrill, she stated she was planning a trip out west because the best way to finish a story was at the beginning.[5]

Behind the scenes

An article from the Castle Rock Call announcing Jackie's new business

  • Jackie Torrance is played by Jane Levy in the Castle Rock television series.
  • Jackie Torrance is a direct homage to Jack Nicholson's version of Jack Torrance in The Shining. She is his niece, and took his name as her own in a fit of rebellion when her parents refused to talk about his actions trying to kill his family with an axe at the Overlook Hotel. Jackie's killing of Gordon with an axe is also a direct reference to Jack's most famous scenes in The Shining film. 

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