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Jack Evans (d. 22 Oct 2012) was the widower of Myra Evans, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. He lived at 379 Motton Road.

On "Dome Day" October 21st, 2012, Evans was in the kitchen making eggs at the stove for noontime frittatas when he heard something from behind him calling his name. Evans turns and sees his wife, Myra. Evans realized that her entire right arm was gone. He drops a bowl he was holding in his hands and rushes over to his dying wife. While kneeling down though a shard of the bowl he had dropped jabbed into his knee. Evans tries to stop the bleeding but she had already lost a lot of blood. He than rushes to the kitchen phone and tries to dial 911, only to discover that the lines were busy. He cradles his wife as she dies.

The next day he shows up at Joe McClatchey's protest. He looks pale and grim and holds up a sign that has a collage of photographs featuring his late wife. The sign exclaims "WHO KILLED MY WIFE?" Joe feels sorry for Evans but liked the sign.

Dale Barbara had also said hello to Evans that day. Evans didn't even look at him as if he didn't even know him; even though Barbara had been serving him his famous Wednesday meatloaf since last spring.

On the night of October 22nd, after cruise missiles fired by the United States Military fail to destroy the dome, Jack commits suicide in his backyard with a single gunshot to the head.


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