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Johnny "J.J." Bannerman, Jr. was the son of Sarah Bracknell and Johnny Smith, though he was raised from infancy by Walter Bannerman, and the older brother of Hope Smith. His nickname of "J.J." is short for "Johnny Jr.," though he is a "junior" only in the sense that he inherited his given name from his biological father, while he grew up with the surname of his step-father.

Additionally, in the episode Big Top, it is implied he has the same ability as Johnny. In Denouement, J.J. gets pushed on by Greg Stillson and has his first psychic vision in the pupil of his right eye.


Bannerman was portrayed by Dominic Louis in "Wheel of Fortune (Part 1)," "What It Seems (Part 2)," "Quality of Life," and "Netherworld."

He was portrayed by Spencer Achtymichuk in "The House," "The Siege," "Shaman," "Destiny," "Valley of the Shadow," "Ascent (Part 2)," "The Outsider," "Plague," "The Mountain," "Visions," "Finding Rachel (Part 2)," "Cold Hard Truth," "Total Awareness," "No Questions Asked," "Cycle of Violence," "Instinct," "Shadows," "Vanguard," "Coming Home," "A Very Dead Zone Christmas," "Panic," "The Inside Man," "Symmetry," and "Into the Heart of Darkness."

In the sixth season, the part was recast, and Connor Price portrayed J.J. in "Heritage," "Ego," "Re-Entry," "Big Top," "Outcome," "Transgressions," "Drift," "Ambush," and "Denoument."

Kaj-Erik Eriksen also played an older Johnny Jr. in one of Johnny's visions of the future in "Tipping Point (Part 1)."