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"In the Deathroom" is a short story written by Stephen King. The story was originally included in King's 1999 audiobook collection Blood and Smoke, and was later included in the 2002 collection Everything's Eventual.


Fletcher, an ex-reporter from the New York Times, has been captured by members of a South American government. The story begins as he is brought into the titular "deathroom" as he realizes that his captors, after interrogating him about a Communist insurgency he has been supporting, due to the government's killing of a group of nuns which included his sister, will not let him leave this room alive, despite their claims that he will be set free.

During the course of his interrogation, Fletcher manages to keep calm, and hatches a desperate plan to save his life, which, to his surprise, actually works. He fakes an epileptic seizure, and in the captors struggle to save him he steals a gun. After killing three of his captors and maiming one, he escapes "the deathroom." Fletcher, having no way of knowing if the gunfire was heard, starts up the stairs to see if he can escape.

The story ends with a man buying a pack of cigarettes at a newsstand kiosk in New York.