"Imperfect Circles" is the seventh episode of Under the Dome, airing on CBS on 5 August 2013.

The episode was written by Caitlin Parrish and directed by Miguel Sapochnik.


Big Jim takes matters into his own hands when he feels his authority slipping away, and the dome displays its power when a life is taken just as a newborn arrives.

"Chester's Mill is a place like any other. At least it used to be. Until we were cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious Dome. Invisible; indestructible; inescapable. We don't know where it came from or why it's here, but now that we're all trapped under the dome together, none of our secrets are safe."
Julia Shumway

At the McAlister residence, Norrie wakes Joe McAlister while wearing a gasmask before inviting him to accompany her to the Dome in order to try to "talk to it." At the Shumway residence, Barbie and Julia wake in bed together, but are interrupted when Julia's pregnant neighbor Harriet knocks on the door to ask for yogurt. Julia invites her in as Barbie leaves the house to join the other deputies. At the Rennie residence, Jim chastizes his son for his treatment of Angie, who watches secretly as Rennie slaps Junior and kicks him out of the house, promising to "make [Junior] sorry" if Junior approaches Angie again. Rennie offers to let Angie stay at the house, but she insists on returning to her home after seeing Rose Twitchell's body. Rennie reveals that he owns the Sweetbriar Rose, and gives Angie a key to the diner before she leaves. At the Shumway residence, Harriet leaves, but spots her husband Greg seemingly returning from his deployment. She approaches him, reaching for his hand before inadvertantly touching the invisible barrier; Greg vanishes, and Harriet calls for Julia, who rushes to her as Harriet's water breaks in the middle of the street.

At the police department, Linda loads a magazine as Junior arrives for work. Barbie arrives moments later, and Linda informs him that the two of them will be searching for Waylon and Clint Dundee while Junior will remain on patrol. Junior persuades Linda to allow him to join her instead, and Barbie agrees; Linda outfits Junior with an M16 rifle, and they set out. At the Shumway residence, Harriet explains that she believed that she saw Greg at the barrier, but is interrupted by sudden contractions. She and Julia head nextdoor to get Harriet's car in order to head to the Clinic. At the Sweetbriar Rose, Angie arrives to find the diner ransacked, and Rose's blood still pooled on the floor; she then finds Rose's body under a bloodied sheet on the counter in the kitchen, but is interrupted by Ben, who recognizes her as Joe's sister and assures her that her brother is alright. Ben then realizes that Rose is dead, and Angie requests his help. At the Dinsmore farm, Ollie supervises dozens of townspeople collecting water from his well as Rennie arrives, offering to "bury the hatchet" in order to "get things done." Ollie casually questions whether the town's propane supply "is still [Rennie's]," causing Rennie's suspicion to flare. At the Dome, at the site of the plane crash, Joe stands against the barrier while Norrie kisses him, but neither of them experiences a seizure. Joe suggests that they may be trying to get a reaction from the barrier in the wrong way, proposing that they search for the "nucleus in the center of" the Dome. They kiss, and set out with Truman at their heels. At the propane storage facility, Rennie confronts an armed man named Boomer Platt, who refuses to allow Rennie access to the stock of propane on Ollie's orders. When Rennie tries to force his way by, Boomer beats him until Rennie retreats to his vehicle, driving off. At Mill Gas & Grocery, Barbie finds vehicles abandoned and the store looted before spotting Waylon and Clint rushing by with a traschan and a gascan. He clandestinely pursues them. On the road, Junior and Linda discuss how to handle Waylon and Clint, and Linda informs Junior that the Dundees nearly raped Angie before Barbie intervened. Junior vows that the the brothers will not escape this time. In town, Julia drives Harriet to the Clinic until she encounters a roadblock constructed from debris. Julia stops; a gunshot rings out, and the Dundees rush the vehicle, Waylon holding Julia at gunpoint while Clint siphons fuel from the truck's tank.

The Dundees siphon the gasoline from Harriet's vehicle until Barbie ambushes them, disarming Waylon while Clint flees and Harriet's contractions intensify. Waylon flees as well, and Barbie radioes Linda to inform her and Junior of the brothers' location before helping Julia get Harriet out of the car. Barbie informs them that the Clinic is closed, and the three head for the McAlister residence on foot in order to find Alice. On the road, Junior suggests that the Dundees are heading to a salvage yard to the northwest of the town, but Linda reminds him that they will arrest Waylon and Clint because they are police, not vigilantes. In a field five miles from the barrier, Joe, Norrie and Truman head for the centerpoint of the Dome using the map that Joe and Ben created on Day One. Norrie questions why the barrier "picked" Chester's Mill, but Joe marvels at the Dome's historical significance as well as the fact that he and Norrie might not have met had the Dome never appeared. Truman suddenly begins barking, then flees in fright, but Joe and Norrie press on. At the Sweetbriar Rose, Angie and Ben return after having buried Rose's body, and begin the work of cleaning up the diner. Rennie arrives soon after; he spots the pool of blood as Angie spots the bruise on his face, and Jim takes a bottle of whiskey, orders Ben to clean up Rose's blood, and leaves the diner. At the McAlister residence, Carolyn and Alice discuss her insulin situation and the two dance even as Carolyn apologizes for "insisting that Norrie be sent to that program." Alice assures her that their situation is "no one's fault," and the two kiss moments before Julia, Barbie and Harriet arrive, and Alice comforts Harriet with the fact that they will be delivering "the first baby born inside the Dome." In the forest, Norrie experiences arasing moments before she and Joe discover a two-foot tall pile of leaves, and Joe receives a shock when he touches the surface of the pile. Norrie touches the surface, and is similarly shocked. The two they clear away the leaves and dirt to discover another barrier, and Norrie pours water over the smaller dome to reveal what appears to be a small, black egg inside.

At the McAlister residence, Harriet has dilated to ten centimeters, but she despairs at the prospect of bringing a child into the world under the Dome. Alice and Julia attempt to comfort her, but Barbie assures Harriet that good people will help and support her, and Alice urges Harriet to begin pushing. At Big Jim's Cars, Ollie visits a drunken Rennie to inform Jim that, now that Ollie has control of the town's water, crops, and propane supplies, he intends to exercise control in Chester's Mill, and expects Rennie to "tow the line." Ollie leaves, and Rennie drinks from his borrowed bottle. At the salvage yard, Waylon and Clint stand guard as they await Barbie's arrival, but are ambushed by Junior and Linda, disarming the Dundees and attempting to arrest them. Waylon attacks Linda and Clint nearly disarms Junior, fleeing as Waylon opens fire; Linda shoot and kills Waylon, and Clint stumbles and falls before Junior shoots him twice, killing him. In the forest, Joe theorizes that the miniature dome and its contents may be generating the larger Dome and attempts unsuccessfully to shut it down; Norrie fruitlessly demand that the egg communicate with them, but Joe suggests contacting the miniature dome together. They place their hands against the invisible surface and ask to speak with it before Joe spots Alice standing nearby, but when Norrie removes her hands from the dome, Alice vanishes. Joe covers the miniature dome with leaves, and the two head back to Joe's house. At the McAlister residence, Harriet pushes as Alice experiences faintness, and Barbie takes over to help with the childbirth. At the propane storage facility, Boomer loads canisters of propane into a truck before being shot at by a drunken Rennie, who hits the vehicle's fuel tank. The truck prompertly explodes, igniting the propane canisters as Rennie watches and drinks. At the McAlister residence, Alice fights faintness to help Barbie as they discover that the cord is wrapped around the baby's neck; Alice talks Barbie and Julia through the process of clamping and cutting the cord, then urges Harriet to push once more. She does, succeeding in delivery a girl; she allows Alice to hold the baby, informing Calvert that the baby's name will also be Alice. Calvert returns the baby as she begins experiencing severe chest pain.

At the Sweetbriar Rose, Angie and Ben admire the restored diner before Junior arrives; Ben refuses to leave, and Junior apologizes to Angie, who accepts his apology before ordering him to leave. Junior assures Angie that the Dundee brothers will never bother her again, and leaves. At the McAlister residence, Julia commends Barbie on his handling of the childbirth shortly before Norrie and Joe arrive, and Norrie heads upstairs to find Alice weakened by a heart attack. Outside, Joe reunites by Angie and Ben. Upstairs, Norrie admits that she knew that Alice was in trouble because she saw her mother in the forest, and Alice explains that she helped Harriet give birth to a new Alice. Calvert tells Norrie and Carolyn to "take care of each other" and encourages Norrie to be brave, then dies in her daughter's arms. Norrie and Carolyn hug before Norrie suddenly rushes from the house; Joe pursues her across the lawn, and watches as Norrie presses her hand to the barrier and begs the Dome to bring her mother back. Upstairs, Carolyn watches over Calvert while Harriet holds her daughter in another bedroom. In the living room, Barbie and Julia lie together on the couch. At the propane storage facility, townspeople watch Boomer's truck burn as Rennie returns. Outside the McAlister residence, Norrie screams at the Dome to "tell [her] what [it] want[s]." In the forest, streaks of pink appear in the surface of the black egg inside the miniature dome.




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