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Howie Gold is a character from The Outsider and its 2020 adaptation.


Howie defended Terry Maitland when he was accused of gruesomely murdering and penetrating an eleven year old boy named Frankie Peterson, which Terry denied doing. He acted cold towards the police and attorneys investigating, particularly Detective Ralph Anderson and District Attorney Bill Samuels, which got colder as the case progressed.

He was very comforting and protective towards Marcy Maitland and was shocked when Terry was killed by Frankie's brother Ollie. When Ralph realised that something supernatural named The Outsider had killed Frankie and framed Terry, Howie assisted him and several others in hunting it down. Unfortunately, Howie Gold along with Alec Pelley were murdered by a psychotic Jack Hoskins, who was being used by The Outsider to murder everyone trying to kill it.

TV adaptation

Howie Gold was similar to his book counterpart and was cold towards Ralph. He also comforted Marcy during her hard time. He witnessed Terry get shot by Ollie and was furious and shocked by the outcome. When Ralph came to speak to Marcy about the investigation, he was by Marcy's side and was extremely cold towards Ralph.