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Holly Gibney is a major protagonist of the Stephen King multiverse.

Serving as the tritagonist of The Bill Hodges Trilogy, a supporting character of the novel The Outsider, the main protagonist of If it Bleeds, and as the titular protagonist of Holly.

Holly in The Bill Hodges Trilogy[]

She is the younger cousin of Janey Smith and Olivia Trelawney. Holly suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), synesthesia, sensory processing disorder, and she’s somewhere on the autism spectrum. Despite this, she’s very observant, refreshingly unfiltered and unaware of her innocence. She runs Finder’s Keepers as of Bill Hodges’s death.

Holly in The Outsider (TV Series)[]

Holly is an eccentric savant investigator. She gets hired to backtrack Terry's movements during his trip. While attempting to speak with Terry's father at his nursing home, Holly discovers that a male nurse at the institution was convicted of murdering two young girls around the time of the visit.



  • The character was white in the original work but is black in this adaptation. Price stated that this was due to Bateman wanting a role for Erivo in the series, and that Price originally had the character as a white Lithuanian American.
  • In March 2022, King stated in a interview by saying "I could never let Holly Gibney go from the Mr. Mercedes books. I mean, she was supposed to be a walk-on character and she just kind of stole the book and stole my heart and so I just finished a novel that's called Holly and it's all her, man."


Mr. Mercedes[]

The Outsider[]

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