"Henry Deaver" is the ninth episode of Castle Rock. It aired on Hulu on September 5, 2018.


A world beyond these walls.


In another timeline, the Kid is known as Henry Deaver, living a normal life with his wife and trying to start a family. He works as doctor trying to cure Alzheimer's because his mother, Ruth Deaver is suffering from it. Henry receives a phone call from Alan Pangborn – who is living with his mother – that his father, Matthew Deaver has committed suicide. In the past, Alan convinced Ruth to take Henry and leave Matthew.

Henry returns to Castle Rock, Maine to put his father's affairs in order. He reconnects with Molly Strand, who is a popular local figure around the town. After a night out with her, Henry returns to his father's home and discovers a young boy held in a cage in the basement. The child is a young Henry Deaver from another timeline.

Confused, the child is taken away. Henry begins to go through his father's effects and finds a huge number of audio tapes that he recorded his thoughts on to. Listening to them, he finds out about the kid in the basement – the child appeared twenty-seven years previously and said that he was Henry Deaver; Matthew Deaver's adopted son. He was in the woods with his father trying to hear the Voice of God when something happened and Henry found himself elsewhere. Matthew tests the young Henry and his story checks out since he knows things that only his Henry would know. However, Matthew comes to believe that this Henry is a servant of the devil, sent to him when he wished for it. Matthew keeps the young Henry prisoner for years, and he never ages in that time.

Henry takes his findings to Molly, and they go to talk to young Henry, but find that he started a fire at the building he was taken to. While talking to young Henry, Molly touches his hand and experiences his life in the other timeline. Molly convinces the sheriff to release the boy into her care and he will stay with her. Officer Dennis Zalewski is assigned to watch over the house during the night.

Driving home, Molly is gripped by the need to help the boy go towards the sound. She speeds over the train tracks, and an oncoming train blocks Dennis' cruiser long enough for Molly and the two Henrys to run into the woods. Dennis soon follows. In the woods, young Henry begins to experience a fracturing between worlds as the time and season change, and other people are in the woods with him. Molly touches him on the shoulder and sees them too, and begins following him. During the confusion, Dennis accidentally shoots and kills Molly. Her last words to the older Henry is to help the boy. The older Henry finds himself in the space between worlds and follows the young Henry, emerging in the snowy surrounding of Castle Lake in 1991. From a bluff, he watches as Sheriff Alan Pangborn finally finds Henry after days of searching.

In the current present, the Kid has been telling his story to Molly Strand in her. He tells her that he wandered for days before being found by Warden Dale Lacy who took him captive and imprisoned him in Shawshank State Prison. He then asks Molly if she believes him.





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References to other Stephen King works

  • Henry Deaver passes by The Castle Rock Call office which appears to be next to the Emporium Galorium. 
  • There is also a Claiborne Creamery store seen in the ep, which clearly refers to Dolores Claiborne. 
  • A store called Callahan's Thrifty Lot is shown, which appears to be a reference to Father Callahan from Salem's Lot.