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Henry Deaver is a death row attorney with a complicated and unique history in the town of Castle Rock, Maine. His estranged adoptive mother is Ruth Deaver, and he has a son named Wendell. He is the main protagonist of Castle Rock. Category: Castle Rock

Category: Castle Rock


Henry Matthew Deaver was adopted by Ruth and Matthew Deaver. As a child in 1991, Henry went missing for eleven days. The entire town of Castle Rock, Maine tried to find him. During the search, his father was found, half-frozen and with a broken back. He died three days later. After eleven days, Sheriff Alan Pangborn found Henry stand in the middle of the frozen Castle Lake. Henry showed no signs of being affected by the bitter cold, and was holding a carved wooden figure. The townsfolk believed that Henry had merely run away from and was hiding out in a warm place, making him indirectly responsible for the death of his father.[1]

The blame for the death of his father eventually drove Henry out of Castle Rock, and he moved to Texas. Henry became a lawyer specializing in death row cases. After his latest appeal for his client, Leanne fails, he is contacted by someone at Shawshank State Penitentiary regarding a mysterious prisoner who has said his name, possibly as a request for legal help. Intrigued, Henry heads home to Castle Rock.[1]

Arriving home, Henry finds his mother in a state of confusion, and Alan Pangborn living with her. He finds that his father's grave has been moved and no-one told him. Henry suspects that Pangborn might be taking advantage of his mother due to her condition. Heading to Shawshank, he is met by Warden T. Porter who feigns ignorance about any prisoner requesting his assistance since he does not know the prisoner's name. She makes him sift through a binder of prisoner photos to find any client that he might recognize and wonders if the phone call that brought him there was a prank. Not recognizing anyone, Henry leaves the prison.[1]

Henry learns about Warden Dale Lacy's suicide, and Pangborn tells him that he committed the act at the same place where Henry was found. Henry drives out to Castle Lake where he remembers it as it was in 1991, and has a vision of his younger self standing behind him.[1]

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