Haven is a town located in Maine, situated along the Penobscot River at the top of Penobscot Bay, to the southwest of Bangor and to the east of Derry at the southern end of Penobscot County.

Like Derry, Haven is one of the main towns in Stephen King's works, being the setting of several books.


An alien spacecraft once crashed in the forest outside the town, and was unearthed by novelist Roberta Anderson in June of 1988. This craft contained a radioactive gas that turned all of the town's residents into alien lifeforms. The gas was toxic to anybody outside the town, and the residents began making booby traps for anybody who tried to enter the town. Jim Gardener sacrificed himself to destroy the alien spacecraft so the rest of the world would not be taken over by aliens, and The Shop invaded the town and killed all of its residents.

The town has been described as "a longtime refuge for people that are afflicted with a remarkable range of supernatural powers." People with supernatural abilities have migrated to Haven for generations because it mutes their powers, allowing them to lead normal lives. Around 2010, this dampening effect weakened, allowing the dormant powers of Haven's residents to manifest; shortly after, FBI Agent Audrey Parker was dispatched to the town to investigate the murder of a local ex-convict.



Haven was portrayed in the 1993 miniseries by the New Zealand settlement of Puhoi.

Haven is portrayed in the 2010 television series by the Canadian port town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.


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