Jason Gearneigh Hall

Room 70 of Jason Gearneigh Hall, where the Lot Six experiment is performed

Harrison State College is a university in Firestarter.

It is located in Harrison, Ohio.

Firestarter (novel)

In May 1969, The Shop presented the Lot Six experiment at Harrison.

Dr. Joseph Wanless, the Doctor of Psychology for the Shop, provided an explanation of Lot 6 to 12 students in the lecture hall, in the combined Psychology/Sociology building.

Andy McGee, one of the students, volunteered to be injected, and turned in his form to Room 100 of the Jason Gearneigh Hall, on May 6.

The same day, he met his future wife Victoria "Vicky" Tomlinson, and the two started talking outside the Union Building.

At 9:00AM on May 11, Andy, Vicky, and with 10 other students, recieved the injections, in Room 70 (upstairs) of the Jason Gearneigh Hall.

Andy would later work as an English teacher at Harrison, teaching about W.B. Yeats and William Carlos Williams.

One particular day in August 1980, Andy was lunching on creamed chicken with fellow English teachers Evan "Ev" O'Brian, Bill Wallace, and Don Grabowski in the Buckeye Room, the faculty lounge at the top of the Union Building. Around noon, Andy recieved a precognitive hunch that something was wrong at his house, so he left in his station wagon, which was parked outside Prince Hall.

Firestarter (film)

In the film, the only scene where Harrison State College is shown is Room 70 of the Jason Gearneigh Hall, where the students recieve the injections. Unlike the book, there are 10 students who are injected; 8 of which commit suicide as a result.

Behind the Scenes

In the film, Harrison State College was filmed on a set at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina.


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