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Gwendy Peterson is a character from Gwendy's Button Box.

      • WARNING*** THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS! If you're still reading the book(s) please DO NOT read this. The internet has spoiled plenty of books for me :(. If you have, just read it for fun or whatever you want.

When book one begins, Gwendy is twelve years old and running up the "Suicide Stairs" because she was unfortunately getting bullied for being overweight. She stops running and sees a man on a bench. His name is Mr. Farris. He gives her a box and explains to her that each button in the box represents a continent. And if you pull the levers, a magic animal-shaped chocolate or a rare silver dollar will come out. Gwendy thinks it's a little weird that Mr. Farris seems so interested in her and that he would give her something that special. By the time seventh grade starts, Gwendy has lost about fifteen pounds. She joins the track and soccer team, and is doing pretty well in school. Her life seems amazing now. But then Gwendy starts to question in the next few years if her life is like this because of her own decisions or if the button box is behind it all. One day Gwendy decides to press one of the buttons, the red one: "whatever you want." She thinks of a small jungle with no people in it, and presses the button. The next morning, her parents are watching TV and there has been a mass suicide. A cult leader Jim Jones convinces a bunch of people to swallow poison. Gwendy is devastated and is convinced that it's her fault. Soon after, her and her best friend Olive get in an argument. Apparently, someone named Bobby asked Gwendy out and she said yes but she didn't know Olive liked him. Some time later, Olive jumps off of the Suicide Stairs. Gwendy later decides to destroy them via the button box. Gwendy is sad, but as her mother said, things do get better. She meets Harry at her job at the movie theater and they start dating. Gwendy and Harry date for some time and one time Gwendy and Harry are about to go to a party and Frankie Stone, who bullied Gwendy when she was younger, comes in and attempts to rape Gwendy. Harry and Frankie get into a fight and Frankie slams the button box onto Harry's head a few times and Harry unfortunately dies. Frankie also dies, too. Then Mr. Farris comes back and it's time to let go of the button box. That's pretty much it for the first book.

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