The Grady Twins are two little girls who were murdered by their father Delbert Grady, when he was possessed by ghosts in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.


In the book, The Grady Twins are not twins but are eight and ten and described by Bill Watson as “cute as buttons”. They did not make an appearance but are mentioned and referenced several times and almost certainly haunt the Overlook Hotel, most likely now evil.

The Shining (1980)

The Twins make a larger and more prominent appearance in the 1980 adaptation. Whilst they are commonly referred to as "The Grady Twins", the Grady daughters were 8 and 10, as referred to by Stuart Ullman. The "Twins" therefore are not the Grady daughters, but other victims of another attrocity. They are seen for the first time when Danny Torrance passes out when he has a vision. They are seen a second time on Closing Day while Danny is in The Games Room while his parents tour the hotel with Ullman and Watson. They stare at Danny before walking out of the room, hand in hand. They are seen again in a brief vision when Danny attempts to enter Room 237. Eventually, Danny encounters them in a hallway on his tricycle. They say hello and ask Danny to come and play with them, to which Danny has visions of their corpses in the same hallway, their blood splattered everywhere on the walls and floor and an axe lying on the ground. Danny covers his eyes and when uncovering them, they are gone. They do not appear again.

The Shining (1997)

The Grady Twins do not appear in the miniseries but are mentioned and referenced several times.

Creepshow 2019

The Grady Twins' photo is shown headlining an issue of the Paragon Tribune newspaper dated September 21, 1975 as seen on the first episode of the Creepshow TV series which is based on another King story. According to the accompanying article on the headline, the twins were last seen thursday afternoon riding their bicycle as they left their home located in Bowers County. Their father Delbert is even quoted as saying that it wasn't like them to run off. The article also mentions several times that a search is currently underway. Later in the episode a radio announcer states that due to weather conditions, the search for the twins had been suspended.  



  • There is an age continuity error with The Grady Twins. Stuart Ullman mentions they are eight and ten despite being twins.
  • The Grady Twins have become the most well known characters from The Shining, with their hallway scene being referenced and parodied several times by several TV shows and movies. Their line “Come and play with us” has also become one of the most well known horror quotes. As a result, they are two of the most iconic pop culture characters.
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