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Golden Years was a television series that ran on CBS from 16 July to 22 August 1991.

The show ran for eight episodes.The miniseries was to lead into a regular series, and therefore ended on a cliffhanger. CBS, however, decided not to pick up the option on the full series, and it was never realized. King asked for four hours of airtime in the following spring to finish the story, but CBS denied him this. The home video version changes the last few minutes of the final aired episode to give the story an optimistic ending.


When an experiment at a laboratory goes wrong and causes an explosion, elderly janitor Harlan Williams discovers that his aging process is being reversed and he is getting younger. Soon he no longer needs glasses for farsightedness and his white hair is reverting to its blonde color. He ends up on the run from "The Shop."


Episode Guide

Ep Title Writer Director Airdate
1 "Time and Time Again" Stephen King &
Josef Anderson
Kenneth Fink 07/16/91
2 "Has My Time Come?" Stephen King &
Josef Anderson
Kenneth Fink 07/16/91
3 "Yes, No or Maybe?" Stephen King &
Josef Anderson
Kenneth Fink 07/18/91
4 "Am I a Winner"? Stephen King Michael Gornick 07/25/91
5 "Not On My Watch" Stephen King Allen Coulter 08/01/91
6 "Second Chance" Stephen King Stephen Tolkin 08/08/91
7 "Third Time Lucky?" Josef Anderson Allen Coulter 08/15/91
8 "The Final Blow...." Stephen King &
Josef Anderson
Michael Gornick 08/22/91