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George Dawson is played by Demetrius Joyette.

He is a student at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine and has a girlfriend named Erika Gogan.

George appears in the original film version while his girlfriend Erika is absent. He is seen not very pleased with the prank and it is implied he died. He reappears in the 2013 remake.

George and Erika seem to like Carrie alot as George calls her "beautiful" and Erika offers to hang out with Carrie while their dates goof off. George and Erika are happy for Carrie and Tommy when they win prom king and gueen.

Erika and George are shocked when Carrie is covered in pig's blood and are displeased when Tina puts up a video of Carrie in the showers when she first gets her period. They share a discomforted look and George glares at the students laughing.

George and Erika are saddened when Tommy dies from a head injury from the bucket. When Carrie unleases her powers on the students, George and Erika are trapped inside the gym as well as the other students.

Erika and several students pound on the doors while George helps several students get away from Carrie as well as helping a girl up and gives her to a boy who was walking by. George watches in horror as Tina is whipped, shocked by wires and then accidently sets herself on fire. It is unknown if Erika saw this.


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