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George Chizmar is a minor character in Carrie. He is a student at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine.


In the novel, George is Ewen High's most artistic student.

He, along with 14 other students were decorating the gym for the upcoming Senior Prom, although it is unknown if he attended it or not.

1976 Film

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George Chizmar is unamed in this version and is refered to as the Afro Guy in the 1976 film and he is portrayed by Jean Glaudé. He first appeared dancing with his date.

When Carrie White and Miss Collins are talking, he briefly appears behind Carrie with his date sitting on his lap. When the prank is pulled, he is at first shocked but then presumably burst into laughter. During the massacre, he ran around trying to avoid the firehose, but falls to the floor and runs away. He briefly appears catching Mr. Morton and presumably being knocked unconscious.

He then appears crashing into Julia McDermitt, the Wilson twins, Miss Collins, Frieda Jason, Ernest Peterson, The Beak and George Dawson. He presumably burned or was electrocuted to death.



Afro Guy