Chief Garland Wuornos (d. 9 Oct 2010) was the commanding officer of the Haven Police Department, and the adoptive father of Nathan Wournos.

Wournos served in the Vietnam War before returning to Haven and joining the Police Department in 1983. As a rookie beat cop, he faced a chameleon that had killed six people including his own partner, shooting and killing the shapeshifter. In May of 1983, Wournos worked on The Colorado Kid murder case, which he failed to solve, though he was convinced of Max Hansen|Max Hansen's guilt.

In June of 2010, he grudgingly allowed FBI Agent Audrey Parker access to the investigation into the death of Jonas Lester despite claiming that Lester's greatest contribution to the town of Haven was dying. After the successful conclusion of the Lester case, Wournos agreed to let Agent Parker look into the evidence container pertaining to the Colorado Kid murder, and the two discovered that the container (still closed with its original seal) was, in fact, empty.

Wuornos subsequently offered Agent Parker a job with the Haven Police Department, citing her willingness to "see things the way they are" as an incredible asset to his department. He is a member of the Haven Hunt Club. During the first weekend in September of 2010, he was among the guests who attended a surprise birthday party for Parker on Carpenter's Knot.


Wournos is played by Nicholas Campbell.

The character is based on constable George Wournos from the novel.


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