Gage Creed was a major character in Pet Sematary. Gage was Louis and Rachel Creed's 3-year-old son and Ellie Creed's younger brother. While playing with a kite, Gage ran out onto the road where he was struck and killed by an Orinco tanker truck. Louis, devastated by Gage's death, dug up Gage's grave and took him to bury him at the Micmac Burial Ground, in the hope of resurrecting him as he had previously done with the family cat, Winston Church. Gage then returned from the dead and was corrupted by the Wendigo, who had poisoned the earth of the burial ground. Gage then killed both his neighbor, Jud Crandall, and Rachel before he was stopped by Louis with a lethal dose of Morphine.


Before his death, Gage was a typical toddler who adored his older sister and seemed genuinely happy and loving. After his resurrection, and possession by the spirit of the Wendigo, Gage was a malicious and sadistic killer. Gage spoke as an adult and had an understanding of events that he would have had no logical way of knowing.



  • In the 2019 Remake, Gage and Ellie's roles were swapped. When Gage ran to the road on Ellie's 9th Birthday Party, Louis caught him in time and Ellie was ran over by an Orinco tanker truck instead.
    • However, in the opening of the remake, it is implied that Gage was apparently killed by his reanimated family.


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