From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness is an anthology of short fiction edited by Elizabeth E. and Thomas F. Monteleone and published on 1 September 2004.

Included works

  1. "Introduction: Time Doesn't Fly...It Red-Shifts"
  2. "Rami Temporalis," by Gary A. Braunbeck
  3. "All Hands," by John R. Platt
  4. "Faith Will Make You Free," by Holly Newstein
  5. "N0072-JK1," by Adam Corbin Fusco
  6. "Time for Me," by Barry Hoffman
  7. "The Growth of Alan Ashley," by Bill Gauthier
  8. "The Goat," by Whitt Pond
  9. "Prisoner 392," by Jon F. Merz
  10. "The Food Processor," by Michael Canfield
  11. "Story Time with the Bluefield Strangler," by John Farris
  12. "Answering the Call," by Brian Freeman
  13. "Smooth Operator," by Dominick Cancilla
  14. "Father Bob and Bobby," by Whitley Strieber
  15. "A Thing," by Barbara Malenky
  16. "The Planting," by Bentley Little
  17. "Infliction," by John McIlveen
  18. "Dysfunction," by Darren O. Godfrey
  19. "The Thing Too Hideous to Describe," by David J. Schow
  20. "Slipknot," by Brett Alexander Savory
  21. "Magic Numbers," by Gene O'Neill
  22. "Head Music," by Lon Prater
  23. "Around It Still the Sumac Grows," by Tom Piccirilli
  24. "Annabell," by L. Lynn Young
  25. "One of Those Weeks," by Bev Vincent
  26. "Stationary Bike," by Stephen King
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