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Frieda JasonĀ was portrayed by Noelle North in Carrie 1976.

She attended the prom with her date George and Carrie White and Tommy Ross, she complimented Carrie on her dress asking if she made it. When Carrie is nominated for Prom Queen, she is seen clapping along with George and giving Carrie a bouquet of roses and a crown. When the blood is dumped on Carrie, she is mortified but in Carrie's mind she is laughing her head off. When the mayhem started, she ran up to the stage with George to try and help revive Tommy. She is seen carrying his body along with The Beak, Ernest, George, Miss Collins, Cora and Rhonda, but she is knocked and thrown out of view. She was presumably burnt to death.

Frieda reappears in the sequel the Rage Carrie 2 in a flashback

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