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Freddy "Frederick" Holt, also known as The Beak, is a minor character in Carrie. He is a student at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine.


In the novel, Freddy is mentioned by Mr. Morton in a conversation with Mr. Grayle about Carrie White going to the prom.

But nothing else is known about him, which is uncertain if he had attended the Prom or not.

1976 Film

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Freddy Holt is renamed Frank Green in the 1976 film, but his nickname "The Beak" is kept the same and he is portrayed by Doug Cox.

He is best friends with Tommy Ross and George Dawson. He is first seen in Mr. Fromm's class, Throwing a paper ball at Norma Watson. Later, he along with Tommy and George are seen going to the tuxedo shop. He dislikes tuxedo with ruffles. He is present at the Prom. His prom date is Cora Wilson and he is the photographer.

During the massacre, He, Cora, and a few other students pick up Tommy's body and attempt to carry it out. But it was too late, when others bump into them, Throw them out of view, presumably burning to death.


  • The Beak and Cora Wilson were nominated Prom King and Queen, even though they both had a job to do at the prom.
    • Cora helped count the ballots.
    • The Beak was the photographer.

2013 Remake

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Freddy Holt was played by Connor Price in Carrie (2013).

He was considered a nerd at Ewen High School. He is friends with Tommy Ross and is not to be seen as very popular. He seemed to have friendly relationship with Carrie. He even helped her once regarding the computer. During the Black Prom he was filming the event with a portable camera. He also filmed the Carrie's humiliation there instead of helping them.

He was killed by Carrie White in cold blood when she noticed that he was filming because in her eyes, he was filming her humiliation like the Ultras did regarding the shower incident and because of allowing through his actions Tommy's death.


The Beak