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Freddy Denton was a police officer with the Chester's Mill Police Department.

In the "Pilot," Freddy is first heard talking to Howard Perkins via radio after the dome comes down, saying there are down powerlines near the Clinic.

He is first seen in "Into the Fire", where he and officer Paul Randolph arrive on the scene of Perkin's death. Perkins got too close to the dome which caused his pacemaker to explode. Fred receieves a shock from the dome himself but does not cause his watch to explode as it was a windup. Linda orders for Paul to post a warning for everyone to stay away from the dome. Fred asks what he should do and Linda asks if he could help her deliver Perkin's body to the church for buriel.

The next morning, Linda, Fred and Paul arrive at Sweetbriar Rose to attempt to mollify the fears of the diners before heading back out on patrol. Outside in the street, Paul becomes panicky and confronts Linda before climbing into his car and driving off. Linda then joins Fred on patrol, questioning whether they'll ever see Rusty again, and Fred insists that no Dome will keep his brother away from her; he then reveals that Rusty means to take Linda to Hawai'i for their honeymoon. A moment later, Coggins approaches the two, checks on Linda, and continues on, having picked Linda's pocket and stolen her keyring.

On the road, Linda and Fred are forced to stop when Paul swerves his patrol car in front of theirs. He then shows them the stockpile of assault rifles in his trunk, frantically claiming that the town is "one klick away from total and complete lawlessness" as he hands out firearms. Moments later he spots Barbie in the woods nearby and orders him out onto the road, while Linda receives a radio call from Jackie informing her that Duke's house is on fire. Linda orders Paul to stand down, instructs Jackie to send every available officer to the Perkins residence; she then orders Barbie into her and Fred's patrol car.

When they get to Perkins' burning house, they immediately organize to put out the fire. After a rescue of Coggins who was mysteriously inside Howard's house by Linda, the citizens of Chester's Mill organize a line to pass up buckets of water. Fred was one of the officers helping to keep everyone organized and often shouts a few cheering remarks.

Freddy gets hit by the ricochetted bullet

After the fire is put out by Jim Rennie who used a tractor to demolish Perkin's house, Rennie assembles the citizens and says that if they continue working together, they would prevail against the dome. However, Paul pessimistically calls out against Rennie, saying that the smoke from the fire is poisoning their air supply and that there was no way out, and even pulls out his pistol. Fred and Linda take out their side arms and attempt to console Paul in putting his weapon down. Paul rejects and shouts that the dome is never going to go away, he then turns and fires a couple of rounds into the dome, which causes one of the bullets to ricochet off of the surface of the structure and into Fred's chest.

Freddy dies in Linda's arms.

Linda attempts to save Fred but was too late. Fred succumbs to his wound and bleeds to death in his meant-to-be sister-in-law's arms.

In the episode "Blue on Blue", Linda tells Rusty about Fred's death.


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