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Frank Dodd is a major antagonist of the Stephen King multiverse.

Serving as the secondary antagonist of the novel The Dead Zone, it's 1983 film adaptation, and it's TV series adaptation of the same name, the posthumous overarching antagonist of Cujo, a mentioned antagonist of Needful Things, Uncle Otto's Truck, and It, and a posthumous antagonist of the Castle Rock TV series.

He was the son of Henrietta Dodd and Billy Dodd, and a deputy sheriff in Castle Rock, Maine.


He is a serial killer and a rapist, who was responsible for several rape-strangling of various women in the town for a number of years, simultaneously assisting the Sheriff, George Bannerman, in the investigation, allowing him to keep track of the investigation's progress and deflect attention from himself. His victims varied in age and background, but were always raped prior to them being strangled. After a nine-year-old girl was found, Bannerman turned in desperation to a local psychic, Johnny Smith, to assist with the matter if possible. Smith met with Bannerman and after examining the crime scene and some evidence, he discovered that Dodd was responsible, determining a further pattern by confirming that, during the only year where no murders were committed in Castle Rock at his usual killing time, Dodd was on a gap year in another city, allowing them to determine that he had killed in that location instead. Convincing a reluctant Bannerman to go question Dodd about it, they headed to his house in the middle of the night. Dodd was found in an upstairs bathroom, having slashed his throat. Around his neck was a sign lettered in lipstick: I CONFESS.

In the film

Frank Dodd was portrayed by Nicholas Campbell.

Like in the novel, Johnny Smith assists the sherrif in the solving of several rape-stranglings of various women. He is able to expose him as the serial killer. Before they can arrest him, he commits suicide.

In the TV series

Dodd (b. 1978; d. 2001) nearly murdered Allison Connover, but wound up killing Stacey Shephard instead. The next day, he took Johnny Smith's statement when he and Bruce Lewis tried to report Allison Connover missing.

He ultimately committed suicide by shooting himself before he could be arrested by Walt Bannerman.

Dodd was portrayed by Michael Rogers.



  • It is highly implied that Dodd's evil spirit took control over Cujo's mind if true he could be considered the true main antagonist .