The Food City riot occurred at the Food City grocery store in Chester's Mill, Maine on Tuesday, 24 October 2017.

The riot was, in fact, orchestrated by Second Selectman Jim Rennie, who ordered Jack Cale to close his store, then stationed Frank DeLesseps, Carter Thibodeau, Georgia Roux, Melvin Searles, and Fred Denton outside the doors, and instructed his son to pay Sam Verdreaux, Randall Killian, and Richie Killian to assault the police on the scene with rocks thrown from within the crowd.

Roux sustained the most severe injury when she was struck in the mouth by a rock thrown by Verdreaux, shattering her jaw. Ginny Tomlinson suffered a shattered nose and glass shards in her cheek and eyebrow. Dale Barbara, Rose Twitchell, and Julia Shumway managed to diffuse the situation before Police Chief Peter Randolph arrived on the scene, though Randolph was given credit for handling the riot by Rennie.


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