"Filter" is the sixth episode of Castle Rock. It aired on Hulu on August 15, 2018.


Henry's son visits from Boston; a funeral stirs up unsettling memories.


Henry Deaver attends his father's reburial, and continues to hear ringing in his ears. He begins to see two men watching him from a distance. "The Kid" starts to act strangely in the Deaver household. He wears Reverend Deaver's clothes and listens to music. The Kid finds home videos of young Henry in the woods and sleeps in his bed. The behavior disturbs Henry and the Kid is taken to Juniper Hill Asylum.

Henry's son, Wendell Deaver arrives from Boston. He has never been to Castle Rock, Maine and Henry wants him to see his grandmother, Ruth Deaver. Wendell begins to annoy Henry from the start, asking about his real parents and disparaging his choice of teenage posters.

Henry begins to have flashbacks of walking through the woods with his father. He goes to talk to Molly Strand. During the conversation, Molly admits to killing his father. However, she tells Henry that he hated his father, and she felt the hatred so strongly that it was like Henry was guiding her hand when she pulled out his breathing tube. Henry is understandably upset but doesn't believe her. Calling Molly crazy, Henry leaves.

Ruth and Wendell talk and she reveals how she perceives reality due to her mental illness. She cannot tell if what she experiences is the present or the past, so she leaves visual clues in the form of chess pieces in rooms to act as memory triggers.

After meeting with the Kid and being told that he can save Ruth, Alan Pangborn is on a mission to recover Warden Dale Lacy's car – the same car that the Warden used to transport the Kid in its trunk and commit suicide in. Alan locates it at a junkyard and essentially steals it at gunpoint.

Henry goes into the woods, retracing his trips with his father. He meets the two individuals who he has been seeing around town – Willie and the deaf Odin Branch. Odin explains that he knew Henry's father and that they both believed that nature was the true connection to God. Only in nature, away from society, could the true voice of God be heard.

Odin goes on to talk about "schisma" and the concept that there are other plains of realities, and other heres and nows. Those able to hear it perceive it as a ringing in the ears and the best way to hear it is to drown out all other sound. The Reverend designed a device called "the filter" to achieve that, but did not get to build it. Odin built it instead.

The filter is a soundproof room in a camper van and Odin reveals that he intentionally made himself deaf using it. Henry is thrown into the filter and locked in. Henry convulses in pain and appears to have a breakdown while covering his ears. He hears his father's voice asking "Do you hear it now?"

Alan Pangborn returns to the Deaver household to find it ransacked. The Kid is outside, having escaped from Juniper Hill after a fire. With a bloody hand, he asks Alan why he left him in the trunk all those years ago.





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References to other Stephen King works

  • The Juniper Hill asylum is shown in this episode. Juniper Hill was a location frequently referenced in other King works. 
  • Chosen Jacobs who plays Wendell Deaver, previously portrayed Mike Hanlon in the 2017 IT adaptation and will be playing him in the upcoming sequel in 2019.