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Ernest Calvert was the son of Lucien Calvert, the father-in-law of Joanie Calvert, and the grandfather of Norrie Calvert. He is the former manager of the Food City supermarket, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine.


"Dome Day"

On "Dome Day" October 21st, 2012, Calvert arrived at the Seneca V crash site that killed both Charles Thompson and Claudette Sanders in his GMC pickup on the outskirts of the town. He stares at the burning plane in awe as he reaches into his pocket and brings out his cell phone to call the authorities. Calvert happened upon Dale Barbara who was having a conversation with Gendron; an out-of-towner. He tells Barbara that he has called the police and that they were coming but he had gotten no answers from the Fire Department; the operators had told him to call Castle Rock. Barbara tells him to do just that but he should first call the National Guard. Calvert is shaken by this at the thought of it not being that serious when Barbara tells him that they are the only people who could issue a no-fly zone over Chester's Mill.

He had gotten through to the Air National Guard in Bangor but had been put on hold before he had a chance to say anything.

Later, Calvert was still on hold when he saw the Chester's Mill Second Selectman James Rennie arrive in his H3 Alpha Hummer. Calvert gave the selectman a salute and cries out he had gotten through. Rennie asked who and looked around. Calvert pulled on his sleeve and answered he had gotten through to the Air National Guard when Rennie interrupted him dumbfoundingly asking what the retired grocery salesman was talking about. Calvert cried out the Air National Guard. Rennie asks why he would do that for and Calvert answered hesitantly because he couldn't remember the guy's name who offered him the idea was. He simply threw it off and explained that the colonel at the Air National Guard listened to him and had put him right through with Homeland Security in their Portland office. Rennie asks why he would do such a thing and Calvert started ranting. Saying that a young man had told him there was something on the road no one can see. Like an invisible barrier. People can't see it but they can lean on it and said they were doing that right now. He even explained how you can throw a rock at it and it bounces back. Calvert did an example of this but Rennie did not bother paying attention. He then explained how the plane had crashed into it and so did the pulp truck. He was about to explain what the guy had told him to do when Rennie interrupted him by telling him to slow down and exactly what guy he was talking about. Rory Dinsmore; who was the younger son of Alden, told him it was the cook at Sweetbriar Rose. Rory's brother Ollie tries to keep him quiet but revealed the name to be Dale Barbara. Rennie turns to Calvert and immediately tells him he was misinformed. Alden Dinsmore steps up and asks how he could say that when he doesn't know what the situation is and Rennie was saying how he knows Barbara when Calvert told him to be quiet as he finally got through to someone on his phone. Rennie snatched the phone out of Calvert's hand and said that it was James Rennie, second selectman talking. He tells the Homeland Security operator that it was simply an accident involving a civilian plane and a pulp truck. Dinsmore cries out that that wasn't what had happened but Rennie simply flaps his hand at him and walks towards the first police cruiser. After Rennie was listening to the operator he shut the phone and tossed it back at Calvert. Calvert tells Rennie that wasn't wise at what he had told the operator. Rennie simply ignores Calvert leaving him to think how poorly he is handling the situation.

Alden Dinsmore points over at Calvert and explains to Deputy Peter Randolph who had just arrived that Calvert had a Homeland Security operator on the phone when Rennie took it away and hung up on the operator. Rennie simply says to Randolph that he is wasting time listening to the the man's explanations because Chief Perkins will be arriving soon and he'd want the scene secured.

When Jackie Wettington arrived and accidentally connected her face into the Dome Calvert ran over along with Johnny Carver to help her back up. When Chief Perkins arrived and ordered Rennie for an explanation Calvert spoke about the invisible barrier being across the road and how the plane and pulp truck had collided with it. Dinsmore loudly agrees with Calvert's explanation. Meanwhile, Calvert had also noticed that the Barrier was placed exactly on the border between Chester's Mill and Motton. Calvert had witnessed the death of Howard Perkins when his pacemaker exploded as he was examining the spot where Wettington was injured.

After 9:00PM Barbara talked with Rose as she mistook who was running Food City now and Barbara told her it was Jack Cale who took over after Calvert retired last year.

Later that night Calvert had called Julia Shumway who is the owner, editor, and reporter of the Chester's Mill Democrat and told her the airplane's tail number that crashed into the Dome that morning. He had also given her the news of Chief Howard Perkin's death and the promotion to Peter Randolph of becoming the new chief of the Chester's Mill Police, plus the bloodstained driver's license of Claudette Sanders.

Missile Strike

Two days later on the morning of October 22nd, Calvert was eating breakfast at Sweetbriar Rose until the manager, Rose Twitchell announced that the diner would be closed due to the event of the military attempting to destroy the Dome with a cruise missile and that it would open back up at 5:00PM. Calvert asks if they can at least get lunch later and Twitchell says that they will be serving sandwiches until their gone, which bought applauses from the customers.

Calvert than moved on to Dipper's Roadhouse to watch the cruise missile strike the Dome. He announces that the missile was coming to which Marty Arsenault asks where. Brenda Perkins tells him in return to be quiet and listen. He witnesses the cruise missile failing to break through the Dome.

Food City riot

Later on that night, Jack Cale; the present manager of Food City, gave Calvert a call and asked him if he could help him do a complete inventory of the remaining food supplies at the market. Calvert said he would and went right over there. They hoped to get the job done by midnight before everyone scrambled the next morning for their groceries. After they did this Calvert and Cale stood side by side watching the pink stars that was an effect the Dome made.

Later on the next day, after they completed inventory lists for the food in the market at 1AM, the new chief of police in Chester's Mill, Peter Randolph, comes in with news that the Selectmen of Chester's Mill had made a secret voting for the market to be closed off to the public. He does not state however for what reason. Both Calvert and Cale grow very angry at this news, stating why they would want to scare people like that. Randolph assures it will reopen on Thursday as a food depot to share around town in case the military could not open the Dome. Calvert claims there is still plenty of food, and insists it would cause a mass panic. He asks who made this decision and Randolph replies that it was a selectmen vote.

Calvert then asks if he could at least put up a sign stating the market was closed for inventory and will reopen soon. Randolph declines on the idea, saying that the market is going to stay closed until further notice and by putting up that sign would indicate he was lying. Calvert remarks that Randolph is Selectman Rennie's lapdog, and how he does anything Rennie tells him to do. Randolph threatens to have him arrested for a 'disrespect charge'. Calvert stands his ground, claiming there is no such thing. Randolph says that there is now, indicating it was getting close that Rennie was building up his own corrupt coupe.

Calvert begrudgingly posts the sign on the front window. "CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE". People notice the sign and begin a grouping around the market until police deputies: Frank DeLesseps, Carter Thibodeau, Georgia Roux, and Melvin Searles show up along with officer Freddy Denton show up and begin to guard the market; not letting anyone inside. The group eventually gets larger and larger. Suddenly, Jack Cale comes out and the group begins to fire questions at him. Cale just shouts back to take it up with Selectman Rennie, because he will. After that the group begins an angry chant at the officers to open the doors. A rock thrown by drunkard Sam Verdreaux strikes Georgia Roux in the mouth and knocks her down. Two more rocks are thrown by Randall and Ricky Killian, Ricky's accidentally hits janitor Bill Allnut, Randall's however flies and connects with Mel Searles's head, knocking him out.

After this the riot occurs. Denton fired his pistol for a warning and was then about to fire it into the crowd but was too late and was knocked out by Alden Dinsmore. Thibodeau and DeLesseps begin to punch people who got close to them until Lissa Jamieson pushes a shopping cart at them which DeLesseps manages to dodge but Thibodeau gets shoved and trips over Roux's legs and is trampled by the mob. More of the cops arrive but do nothing. The rioters begin moving to the market when Calvert runs out and shouts that he unlocked the back entrance. The crowd doesn't pay attention though and breaks through the front doors and takes all the food that took him and Cale to inventory and stock for nearly the whole night.

After people began to leave with bundles of food, Calvert joins Jackie Wettington holding a crying Linda Everett and says it was completely unnecessary. He too cries. After everyone were calmed by Rose Twitchell when Dale Barbara managed to get her to handle a foghorn that Toby Whelan tried to do but failed, Calvert still sobbed and took a statement of what happened with Wettington.

Joining the Chester's Mill Revolutionary Committee

During the night, Dale Barbara is wrongly arrested by Randolph at the Hospital for the murders of Angie McCain, Dodee Sanders, Lester Coggins, and Brenda Perkins. All of which were killed by either Junior or Jim Rennie. The arrest of Barbara was actually framed so that Barbara will be executed by a firing squad. A group of people did not believe that Barbara would ever commit murder. These people being Julia Shumway, Jackie Wettington, and Rusty Everett. Joe McClatchey, Norrie Calvert, and Benny Drake join the group later on. Wettington visits Piper Libby later on at the First Congregational Church. There they stage a meeting for the next day and Wettington gave Libby a piece of paper with two names of people they can trust to join the group. Those being Ernie Calvert, because of the anger he was probably showing towards Rennie after what happened the other day at Food City. The other being Lissa Jamieson was suggested because of her knowledge.

The next day, Wettington arrived at Calvert's house. He was weeding in his backyard. She had already sent him a secret notice if he wanted to join. As soon as she walks up he quickly said that Rennie was a dangerous man and said how he staged the riot like a Terrorist attack. Wettington asks if Calvert will come tonight for the meeting at the church and he said he would. Wettington got a call on her phone and walked off. After a short conversation she asks Calvert is he had a generator. Calvert said it died the other night. She suggests they go somewhere where there is a working television for her friend said it was important for them to see the news. They leave for Sweetbriar Rose and pick up Julia Shumway along the way there.

The three of them got there before 5PM when the bar was supposed to be opened. They ask the owner Rose Twitchell if she could keep quiet and join the group they were organizing. She said she would join. They then turned on the T.V to watch the news as Colonel James O. Cox instructed. There he made a press conference concerning a day called 'Visitors Day' in which all of the relatives of the people who are trapped inside of the Dome will be able to go and talk to them. He also says only a few thousand people will be able to go. Dale Barbara's arrest was brought up and Cox says that it is true and has doubts that these charges of the killings of four citizens in the town were legit. Another reporter asks if it was just a way to stop Barbara from giving information to the President of the United States of what was happening in the Dome. Cox says he will have to schedule a report with Selectman Rennie because he did not know any information. He then leaves and everyone knew that this report was going to cause trouble for Barbara.