Eric Stark was a former student of Bates High School in The Rage: Carrie 2. He was portrayed by former teen actor Zachary Ty Bryan. He was also, apparently, the captain of the Bates football team.

Eric was the co-conspirator in a plot to humiliate Rachel Lang because of her involvement in an investigation of the death of her best friend in addition to being a primary villain, Eric's father Lou Stark, like Christine's father, is a lawyer. His father uses this and his political connections to the influential families of the town to get his son off the hook for the statutory rape charges that Eric was facing for the incident with Lisa, much like Christine's father attempted to restore her prom privileges by threatening to sue the school principal (though Mr. Hargensen was unsuccessful and nearly succeeded in this endeavor). Eric was the last and final person to see Lisa alive and to associate with her days before her suicide. He was accidentally killed and slaughtered in cold blood by Monica Jones at the Black Party.

Lisa Parker

Eric began dating Lisa Parker as part of a hellish ploy by the football team, where they simply slept with "cute girls" and then dumped them. Afterward the jocks put a point value on the girls. After sleeping with Lisa, Eric dumped her. A few days later, the girl threw herself from the top of the school building. The next day, Eric talked with Mark Bing (Dylan Bruno) about what happened between Lisa and himself. He revealed that Lisa meant nothing to him (after being told, Lisa was unable to handle that her relationship with Eric was all for his benefit). Eric then began making every effort to separate himself from Lisa, but his action came too late. A Sheriff Kelton began visiting Bates to conduct the investigation into Lisa's death. His search for answers led him from Lisa's old locker to the photo shop where Rachel worked right to the football field where Eric spent most of his time. Eric denied ever having seen or spoken to Lisa. However, the sheriff showed Eric a photo of Lisa and himself together. The denial ceased. Later, Eric was faced with statutory rape charges.

Rachel Lang

Following a meeting with Sue, Rachel appeared at Eric's locker to warn him that she knows about what he did to Lisa. Eric then headed directly to Mark to inform him of the developments, that he had been suspended pending the investigation into the statutory rape charge, and that Lisa's friend, Rachel, may be at the heart of it. Mark and Eric then conspired to scare Rachel out of talking with the police. They sneak around outside her foster parents' house, cut the electricity and began to call Rachel on the phone, speaking in a Donald Duck style voice. But Eric didn't want to play anymore, so he pulled a brass knuckles and prepared to enter the house through a window with the intention of harming her as a part of his efforts to correspondingly intimidate her. Rachel slammed the window on Eric's hand via a reflex telekinetic burst. Soon, Rachel's foster parent's returned and Eric and his company ran away.

Days later, the home opener for the Bates Bulldogs football team was less than Eric had hoped for. He committed a flagrant foul in the early minutes of the game and was ejected. It got worse, when the Kings University recruiter arrived. After the game the recruiter visited Jesse at his locker to speak with him.

That night, at an after party held at Mark's parents' summer house, Eric and Mark waited for another friend of theirs, Monica, to bring Rachel to the party. Mark told Eric to hide until he was called. When Mark, Monica and Brad Winters had begun to disgrace Rachel, Eric was called down from hiding. There, he admitted to what Rachel knew all along Eric and the others were only out to steal away the virginity of the girls with who they slept. That, as well as a video of both Rachel and Jesse making love to each other and made her believe it was also part of the game, set Rachel over the edge. So, when the summer house started going up in flames around Eric and Mark, neither had a clue as to what was happening, until Mark observed that Rachel was causing it. Mark, Monica and Eric ran into a small storehouse where weapons were kept and armed themselves, hoping to defend themselves from Rachel's murderous wrath. They headed for the swimming pool next, but Rachel met them there only seconds after the trio arrived. Eric was later accidentally slaughtered in the process following a chain reaction involving Monica's glasses shattering and cracking telekinetically by Rachel like a bathroom mirror and a bad aim from her spear gun, it firing off and ripping off his genitals for him to bleed to death in a great deal of pain.

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