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Eileen "Ellie" Creed is a character in the 1983 novel, Pet Sematary. She is the daughter of Louis Creed and Rachel Creed and the older sister of Gage Creed. In the novel and 1989 film adaptation, Ellie is the only survivor.


In the Novel Ellie Creed is a bright 5 year old who is scared to start school in the beginning. She ends up fitting in great at school but after a visit to the Pet Semetary with Jud Crandell, she is terrified of Church dying and talks to Louis about her fear. After Church dies and comes back she no longer wants him sleeping in her bed because he smelled too bad.

When Norma Crandell passes away, Ellie attends the funeral and when she gets into the car bursts out crying because she realizes Norma can no longer make her favorite cookies.

After Gage is killed she carries around a picture of him pulling Gage on a sled around with her everywhere and she is a lot quieter and sad through the rest of the book. Victor Pascow also starts visiting her dreams to try to help warn her of what is going to happen but no one except Rachel pays attention. She tries to warn Louis but he of course does not listen.

1989 Film

Very similar to her book counterpart. She is a very bright 5 year old girl who is terrified of her beloved cat dying. After Gage dies she is very upset and carries around a picture of her pulling him in a wagon around with her everywhere. 

Victor Pascow tries to warn her of what will happen to her family after Gage dies. No one really listens until Rachel finds out "Paxcow" meant "Pascow" and then Rachel flies back to Maine and we don't see Ellie again.

Pet Sematary 2

While not seen, Ellie is mentioned and was rumored to have gone insane, but nothing of this is ever confirmed to be true.

2019 Film

In the 2019 film adaptation, Ellie is the one who is killed and resurrected in the Pet Sematary instead of Gage. 


  • Unlike Gage, in the 1989 movie, Ellie was played by identical twins.
  • She likes oatmeal cookies.
  • The 2019 remake is the only verison that has her die and ages her up


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