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Edward "Eddie" Corcoran is a character in the novel It.

Character Biography

He attends the same school as the Losers' Club and Henry Bowers' gang. Eddie and his younger brother, Dorsey, are victims of abuse at the hand of their stepfather, Richard Macklin, similar to Beverly Marsh.

However, Macklin would frequently beat Eddie and Dorsey without warning, at one point throwing Eddie into a coat rack, causing him to urinate blood for a fortnight, all because he accidentally slammed the door. After Macklin goes too far and kills Dorsey with a hammer, Eddie runs away from home.

Whilst at the canal, It appears to him in the form of Dorsey, Eddie's dead brother. As Eddie flees, It changes into the Gill-man and kills him by strangling him and tearing off his head.

It (2017)

Eddie was killed by IT. The Loser's Club mentioned of him saying that his arm had been found chewed up in the standpipe. It was mentioned that he had asked to borrow a pencil from Ben once.


  • In the 2017 film, there is a debate by fans whether the scene where Mike is being bullied by Henry and he notices Pennywise waving a chewed arm. It is unknown if it was Eddie's arm or the arm of Georgie Denbrough. But due to the events of this scene happening long after Georgie's death, it can be confirmed that this was Eddie's arm. (Andy Muschietti has confirmed it was Eddie’s arm.)