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Donald is the father of Stan Uris and husband of Andrea James Uris. He was a minor character in the novel and the 2017 adaptation .

Biography (2017 film and book)

In the 2017 movie, Donald is played by Ari Cohen. Donald is revealed as a Rabbi and is shown to be firm toward Stan about practicing and studying his religion. Little else is known about him. It has been suggested that he appeared as an illusion in the Painted Lady scene, but this is pure speculation. In the book, Donald has a loving, longstanding relationship with Andrea Uris, who he married in his early twenties, and is shown to be an attentive father who worries about his sons future. Overly so, in fact, but unlike Patty's parents, the Uris' aren't cruel about demonstrating thier concern like the Blum's.


  • Ari Cohen portrayed Donald Uris in the 2017 film adaptation.