"Is that Cunningham?"

Donald "Don" Vandenberg is one of the members of Buddy Repperton's gang and a character in the novel Christine and its subsequent film adaptation.


He is a slim character who, in the novel, is described at being around 19 or 20 years old. He is first seen at the school during the fight between Buddy and Arnie. Later on, along with Moochie Welch, Richie Trelawney and Buddy, he trashes Christine, leaving her ruined as revenge for Buddy's suspension for threatening Arnie with a switchblade. In the novel, he was killed by Christine outside his father's gas station. His death was very different in the movie. After Christine kills Moochie, she then follows Buddy and Richie to the gas station where he works. There, she crashes into Buddy's Camaro. Afterwards, she then kills Richie by crushing him against Buddy's car and the wall. Don is injured on a barrel and is last seen limping away from Christine. Gasoline then leaks around his feet, Buddy's Camaro catches fire and eventually explodes and he is killed in the explosion. In the film, he is played by Stuart Charno

The inspiration behind his name was most likely Professor Don VandenBerg

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