Doctor Sleep is an upcoming horror film based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Stephen King. Ewan McGregor stars as Danny Torrance, the son of The Shining protagonist Jack Torrance. Danny has psychic powers and struggles with alcoholism. The film is written and directed by Mike Flanagan. The film is due to be release on November 8, 2019.

Warner Bros. Pictures began developing a film adaptation shortly after the novel was published. Akiva Goldsman originally wrote a script, but funding was not secured for the film until the box office success of its 2017 horror film It: Chapter One. Flanagan was hired to rewrite Goldsman's script and direct the film. Filming began in September 2018 in Georgia, including Atlanta and the surrounding area, and concluded in December 2018.


Years following the events of "The Shining", a now-adult Dan Torrence meets a young girl with similar powers as his and tries to protect her from a cult known as The True Knot who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.


Connection to The Shining novel and film

Doctor Sleep is based on the 2013 novel of the same name. Doctor Sleep is a sequel to King's 1977 novel The Shining. The 1977 novel was adapted into a film by director Stanley Kubrick. King was critical of Kubrick's film adaptation to the point of writing and executive-producing a new adaptation with the 1997 television miniseries.[1] While the film Doctor Sleep is intended to be a direct adaptation of the 2013 sequel novel, director Mike Flanagan said Doctor Sleep would still "acknowledge Kubrick's The Shining in some way".[2]


Warner Bros. Pictures began developing a film adaptation of Doctor Sleep as early as 2014.[3] In 2016, Akiva Goldsman announced that he would write and produce the film for Warner Bros.[4] Warner Bros. could not secure funding forDoctor Sleep until the financial success of 2017's It: Chapter One. The success of It: Chapter One caused Warner Bros. to fast-track the production of Doctor Sleep. Mike Flanagan was hired by Warner Bros. in January 2018 to rewrite Goldsman's script and to also direct the film.[5]

Filming began in September 2018 in the US state of Georgia; locations included Atlanta and St. Simons.[6] In the area of Atlanta, specific locations included Covington, Canton, Stone Mountain, Midtown Atlanta, Porterdale, and Fayetteville.[7] Production concluded in December 2018.[8]

The film score will be composed by The Newton Brothers (Andy Grush and Taylor Stewart), who also composed scores for Flanagan's previous works.[9]


Warner Bros. Pictures plans to release Doctor Sleep in theaters in the United States on November 8, 2019. It was initially scheduled to be released on January 24, 2020. Deadline Hollywood said the re-scheduling reflected Warner Bros. giving "a major vote of confidence" to the film.[10]


DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer HD

DOCTOR SLEEP - Official Teaser Trailer HD


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