Debra Meschan is one of the characters from The Rage: Carrie 2. She is portrayed by Deborah Meschan.


Debra plays the equivalence of Helen Shyres. She is the best friend of Monica Jones and apparently a part of the prank at the party.

When Rachel releases her powers, Debra is one of the many thrown down, but she manages to get up and attempts to flee. Rachel, however, notices it and telekinetic-ally sends a bunch of CDs flying towards her like a throwing metal folding fans, which stab her in the chest and stomach. Debra falls helplessly to the floor and lays there dead, as the rest of the panicking party goers run past her.


  • Debra is credited as "Party Girl".
  • Although many fans see her as the equivalence of Helen Shyres, she is also like Tina Blake (Norma Watson in the original). Because she is the best friend of the mean girl at the party and is part of the prank.
  • She is believed to be a part of the prank for the following reasons:
    • She rode with Monica and Rachel to the party and acted like she liked Rachel, like Monica.
    • During the prank Debra walks over to where it is taking place before anyone else notices it's happening. It is unknown, why she would've came over, if she had no knowledge of it.
  • She was named "Amy" in the script.
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