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David Carver is a protagonist in the 1996 Stephen King novel Desperation. David Carver is an orphan and a child who was the main torture victim by Tak, due to his strong beliefs in God.

David Carver was on vacation with his family in an RV when they are pulled over by Tak in form of a police officer. The police officer gets the Carvers into its car, and takes them to the abandoned mining town of Desperation, where it kills David's sister and locks David and his parents in a cell. David's mother, Ellen, is taken away, due to the police officer's body slowly peeling in pieces, and Tak takes the form of Ellen, killing Ellen. David witnesses the death of Tak in form of his mother, and his father, who is brutally murdered. David flees Desperation with the survivors of the terror, clearly traumatized and deeply upset, as he cries in Mary's arms and feels more upset when he sees their abandoned RV on the side of the road with his sister's doll on the step. It is unknown where he is now or what happened to him when they got to the next town.

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