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Darla Debusher is a main character in Stephen King's story, Lisey's Story. In the 2021 Apple TV+ miniseries, she is portrayed by Jennifer Jason Leigh.


Lisey's Story Book

Darla Debusher is the daughter of Dave Debusher, and the sister of Lisa, Amanda, Jodotha, and Cantata Debusher, and the aunt of Intermezzo Corriveau.

Lisey's Story 2021 Miniseries

In the miniseries, Darla rushes to her sister, Amanda’s, house along with their other sister Lisey. Amanda started to harm herself so Darla wants to help. She leaves Lisey to watch Amanda on her own.

In flashbacks, Darla and Lisey seem to have a strained relationship because Darla believes that Lisey abandoned her family for Scott. She’s jealous of Lisey’s money situation after Scott starts to sell his books and it creates tension between the two sisters.

In Under the Yum-Yum Tree, Darla admits to Lisey that she’s read all of Scott’s books. She apologizes to Lisey for being mean to her, but she is stressed dealing with Amanda.

In Jim Dandy, Darla goes to Amanda’s house to gather some of her things, including her gun. Jim is in the house at the same time but Darla doesn’t realize.

Darla goes home and sleeps with the mace gun in her bed. Lisey sends her a text to show up at her house at 9 and that she found a way to help Amanda.

In Now You Must Be Still, Darla shows up at Lisey’s house with a bunch of weapons they can use against Jim. She wants to help her sisters but is confused when Lisey starts to tell her about Boo'ya Moon and how Amanda is a double. Darla seems in denial about it until Lisey disappears suddenly and reappears with a flower from Boo'ya Moon that dies instantly.

When Lisey saves Amanda from Boo'ya Moon, Darla and her sisters all rejoice and hug at the medical facility. They convince Dr. Alberness to let Amanda go and they go back to Lisey’s with a new plan- to kill Jim.

In No Light, No Spark, Darla and Amanda hide while Lisey confronts Jim. They jump in and attack Jim after Lisey calls out the safe word, but Jim manages to fight them off. Lisey finally manages to get Jim to Boo’ya Moon, while Darla and Amanda are passed out on the floor inside the house.

In Lisey's Story, Darla wakes up in Lisey’s house and doesn’t see Lisey or Jim, but assumes they’re in Boo’ya Moon. She is relieved when Lisey comes back safely and confirms that Jim is dead. They all decide to go out to dinner together.